Vocal and Bell Choirs

Choirs are a great group activity! By taking them to a therapeutic level through Just Be Musical,

choir participants can strive towards a wide variety of goals. Examples would be:

  • Increased socialization
  • Attention to task
  • Sequencing
  • Increased physical coordination
  • Positive community performances
  • Increased self-esteem/sense of achievement
  • Learning basic music theory
  • Decreased self-stimulation behaviors
  • Sense of independence


Choirs are a great way to increase community awareness of:

  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Advocacy groups
  • Private Schools
  • Social groups

Bell Choirs

Bell choirs are groups consisting of no more than 20 people. Each participant will receive at least one different colored hand/desk bell.

The therapist acts as the "conductor" by either pointing to each participant when it is their turn to play, showing a card with a specific color, or by having the group follow a colored chart.

The participants in the choir have the opportunity to pick their own bell, which they will use for every rehearsal until the material changes.

Choir material is typically chosen by the group. With the combination of diatonic and chromatic bells, almost any song is possible!


Vocal Choir

Vocal choirs can be organized for a larger group of people who share a love of singing.

The structure of the choirs can vary depending on the interests and strengths of the participants. In some choirs the singers all sing the same parts, or the music can be broken down into several.

Material for choirs is typically chosen by the group with assistance from the therapist.