Adaptive Lessons

Providing adaptive lessons to individuals with special needs is how Just Be Musical began. These services are an integral part of the company, and they provide creative and individualized approaches to learning musical instruments.

Adaptive lessons are currently available on:

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Voice
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Recorder

What are adaptive lessons?

So many individuals can get discouraged with standard, more traditional music lessons.

Since Just Be Musical believes in the idea that everyone can connect with music, we strive to find a way to make every client feel successful when playing their chosen instrument.

Adaptive lessons provide the ability to learn an instrument in a process driven way. The goal is to structure the lessons in a manner that is individually appropriate.

Sometimes we use published lesson books just as they are. We might also only use those published books as a small part of the learning process. We may not even use a book at all.


Some examples of adaptive lesson techniques include:

  • Using visual aides
  • Making sayings that fit rhythm
  • Color-coded notation and other methods to adapt common music notation
  • "Breaking the rules" of traditional piano and guitar fingerings, as shown in many existing teaching materials
  • Using songs the client enjoys to teach a concept that is applicable throughout other areas of music