Just Be Musical began in 2009 when Jodie McKinny, MT-BC was teaching traditional music lessons in addition to providing music therapy in a full time capacity. She realized that she loved both experiences and wanted to find a way to combine them!

The original purpose of the business was solely to provide adaptive music lessons, but quickly evolved into something greater. She found herself:

  • Providing eclectic music therapy services in client's homes
  • Organizing a bell choir in a nursery school
  • Seeing groups and individuals at nursing facilities
  • Creating a special needs homeschool group which worked on meeting the music standards of their education through multifaceted experiences
  • Able to spend quality time with clients, caregivers, related therapists, educators, and families in order to build strong partnerships that stretch far beyond the formal music therapy goals.

The philosophies that created the modern Just Be Musical became clear: Process driven, individualized music therapy through strong partnerships.


Our Mission

  • To provide exceptional music therapy services to all ages. Through a variety of interventions, we will always strive towards creating powerful experiences for each individual client.
  • To develop a warm rapport with clients, families, caregivers, and related therapists. Just Be Musical believes in order to help a client meet certain goals, partnerships and communication are crucial! In order to provide an effective plan of care, it is so important for the music therapist to know more about a client than what happens directly within the music therapy session.
  • To create multi-sensory experiences that engage and enhance the therapeutic process. We enjoy using different musical instruments, adding different textures to therapeutic tools and creating a variety of visual aides to provide the best possible experiences.
  • To promote the field of music therapy in a positive, evidence-based manner. Board Certified Music Therapists don't just "play music to make you happy." There is so much more to our field, and it is a professional and personal mission to show others the true potential and beauty of music therapy.
  • To work ethically and adhere to fair, respectful, and responsible business practices. Life is full of unexpected situations. You can expect us to provide clear, stress free and fair policies. We take the American Music Therapy Association's Code of Ethics very seriously and strive to be as ethical as possible at all times.